12 Jan

HBL & Hand In Hand Ministries

HBL & Hand In Hand Ministries

Heritage Bank & Hand In Hand Ministries - Partner to build home for deserving citizen!

“If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up not doing nothing for nobody.” We have always prided ourselves in giving back to our community through various means but this year our approach was a bit different, it was more special and life changing. The Bank, through the assistance of the Hand in Hand Ministries, agreed to finance and construct a new home for a de- serving person from the community. Effective March 13th, 2017, every staff member began contributing $1.00 per pay period towards this most worthy cause which was matched by the Bank.

The time had finally arrived, October 6th - 8th 2017, for our staff to build their first home while being the 331st for Hand In Hand. Day 1 commenced with the preparation of the footing the house would rest on and the construction of the wooden walls for the house. Day 2 saw the completion of the floor, the wall, painting and the assembling of the walls for the house. In day 3 the roof was completed, doors & windows were installed and the additional works to complete the project. The work was very labor intensive, especially for our banking team who are accustomed to working behind desks for their 8 to 5. The experience was humbling but even more gratifying seeing all parties involved, inclusive the new home owner, work with one common purpose.

In our daily routines, there is so much we take for granted. It is not until you actually see for yourself the conditions that people live in that you realize how blessed and fortunate you are. The home was built off Partridge Street where the living conditions for many are substandard, but the people don’t cry nor complain. They wake up every day hoping for a better tomorrow. The Heritage family made that hope a reality for one deserving lady (chosen by Hand in Hand). Our hard work was very much appreciated as the new home owner (Ms. Jenny Pinelo) received her new home October 19th 2017.

We saw the fruits of our labor. The look on Ms. Pinelo’s face, her gratitude, her hope, her new reality, was enough for us. The team acknowledged that this is something that we should commit to do annually. I could not agree more. We are grateful to all those who committed their time and efforts in making our first “House Build” a success!